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Reminder than “trans” and “man”/”woman” are separate words.

✗ - Transwoman

✗ - Transman

✓ - Trans woman

✓ - Trans man

You don’t say “blackwomen” or “tallmen.” Adjectives shouldn’t be attached to their nouns. Trans women and trans men are still women and men and by attaching the adjective to try and make a new word, you are othering them and making it appear as though they are “not really men/women.”

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Stuff like that happens all the time. I was dropped like a dozen times when I was a kid.

Rodney McKay, season 5 episode Daedalus Variations

We don’t know a lot about Rodney’s childhood, or what his relationship is with his parents (or if they’re even still alive). The quote above seems to indicate a problem - who drops their baby a dozen times?

It couldn’t have been easy raising a kid like Rodney. I’m sure his parents were out of their depth early on. Did they support him? Certainly no-one argued with the piano teacher when she convinced him to stop playing. What was their response to the nuclear bomb and subsequent visit from the CIA?

One good thing about canon being so open-ended on this is that as a writer I can make up any number of scenarios. Even so, I have a hard time writing them as kind, caring, supportive parents. Which I guess makes that my headcanon.

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The looks Teyla and John give him when he tells them, without censure, that his mother (and presumably his father) left him to cry himself to sleep as a baby when he had croup.  He’s also said that his parents hated each other and blamed him for it.  Who does that to a kid?  Who lets a child think that that is true?  That’s messed up.  It’s a wonder he’s even remotely well-adjusted.

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Thank you for remembering these other examples! I’m still undecided about his father reading him Moby Dick when he was six. It seems like torture to me but maybe Daddy McKay was trying to share something he really liked? Even though it gave Rodney nightmares.

Rodney worked hard to make a life for himself despite the apparent lack of support from his family. And really - if he’d had a cuddly childhood he wouldn’t be the Rodney we all know and love. ::grins::

I’ve always thought Rodney had a rough, lonely childhood. Parents who dropped him, let him cry himself to sleep, who hated each other and blamed him. A music teacher which told him he was technically a good player but lacked soul. Rodney probably skipped grades because of his intelligence, which means he was most likely picked on. I could see people being friendly with him just so they can cheat off his homework/test answers. Which makes his team all the more important. It might not always seem like it (cafeteria scene from McKay & Mrs Miller, I’m looking at you) but when the chips are down, they so obviously care. And I don’t think Rodney’s had much of that in his life.

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happy september first! 

will have to play this on september 1st.

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