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I’m still not over the fact that when Carlos said “I’m not a hero" I was expecting him to leave it there, in that sad tone of voice and Cecil or Dana to reassure him that he was. But then he continues and just way too happily adds "I’m a scientist!!!!" like, with those many exclamation signs and I lost my shit; he’s such a dork.

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poc!potter makes so much sense though

think about it: petunia and vernon /hated/ james potter, made up stories about him “probably being unemployed” and they seemed to thoroughly dislike him for more than just the magic. how much d’you wanna bet me that their prejudice may have been on the racist side? they treated harry pretty awfully, even considering his magic. they hated that he looked like james as well. 

plus, harry has “great skin” but no specified skin colour or tone or anything! 

draw and write about east asian harry, south asian harry, black harry. draw harry potter in every single race there is.

poc!potter is not really a racebend bc it’s all within canon

Sorry there’s no particular reason for me reblogging this, except to say that I’m very glad that this is the most popular post I’ve made. Really glad. 

Awesome extra additions to this headcanon:

  • it would explain why his green eyes stood out so much
  • it might explain why petunia struggled with harry’s hair so much if he’d inherited his father’s hair- it could be natural hair
  • it could be partly the cause of the bullying in school
  • racial prejudice might explain why the neighbours never questioned that harry was put in a school for “delinquents”
  • he has jet black hair!!
  • c’mon you can see the vernon dursley being the type to complain about immigrants and freeloaders and poc can’t you??
  • Even if he’s described as pale skinned, he may not be white! Mixed South East Asian maybe?
  • Adds a new dimension to Snape vs Potter?
  • aLSO THE HEADCANONS ABOUT LATIN@ JAMES POTTER HAVE KILLED ME (that’s not really a brilliant addition but jeez look them up because they’re beautiful headcanons)

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